From Drab To Fab PA
Mayfield, PA

From Drab to Fab had their site set up and had been running a successful busines for a quite a while. They knew they needed to get their shop online to reach more customers.

From Drab to Fab PA got left out to dry and needed a hand to finish setting up their website to sell online. 

The Mission

We wanted to make sure that From Drab to Fab‘s new site was functioning properly with Square, Shippo and UPS. We also performed some IT work so their Dymo label maker could communicate seamlessly within the company shipping system powered.

The Plan

We were excited to help Shiloh get her business online. Her shipping account was a mess, and we wanted to make sure she was connected to the right platforms. We also worked with Google to verify her GMB account. We gave her a hookup to our account so that she could protect her site with a Privacy Policy. We also made sure to train her on how to create a email builder so she could stay in contact with her customers.

Drab to Fab Hero

The Site

To make the site more user-friendly, we tinkered with some of its menus and created a checkout system. We also included lead generating pop ups for her email list so that she can capture prospects’ contact information right on their computer screens!


Square POS System

The first time we used Square was when setting up Shiloh’s database. It wasn’t too hard, but it did take some getting use to and YouTube videos for help with the setup process! Now that her sales tax is automatic- depending on what items you purchase -I’m sure this will streamline many aspects in our business

We used our website and graphic design services
to help From Drab to Fab PA
utilized some marketing tools.