Membership Website

Share content, courses or private forums with a members only website. Let users subscribe for free or pay a membership fee.

About Membership Websites

Membership websites can cover a lot of ground. From paying to gym memberships to joining a select group of hobbyists or professionals.

If you are looking to create a group or start a business based on subscribors or members than a membership website is right for you. These websites work for online only services and real world applications. Say you own a gym and want to make it easy for clients to pay for their memberships online. Than a membership website can facilitate this for you. Anything that makes it easier for people to join and pay online is a huge advantage in todays world. 

Rosler Art & Design will build a website around your business or group. We will create an easy to manage portal, free or paid, for you and your members to use. Most professional member applications will require an additional yearly fee.



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  • Custom Design
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Membership Portal