Electric and Plumbing Services LLC.
Honesdale, PA

EPS had their logo. We took it, branded their content and moved them to the next level. Less than 2 years in business and they are killing it.

Electric and Plumbing Services LLC. decided to take their marketing to the next level with a trendy website and engaging promotional material.

The Mission

To create a bold and competition squashing brand for EPS. This needed to include a website and polished printed materials to give out to current and prospective customers.

The Plan

Integrate their existing logo into everything. It was also expressed that a screenshot image of their Google map location be a main part of the designs. We designed there products with powerful colors, images and layouts to entice users to browse their printed products and keep them engaged on the website.

Electric and Plumbing Services LLC Hero

The Site

We harnessed the power of HTML, CSS and JS in the Webflow builder to create a modern and mobile friendly design. This included custom coding, customer forms, slide shows and a CMS system.

Electric and Plumbing Services LLC

Print Is King

As much as we live in a online world, EPS understands that the tangible is a powerful marketing tool. Physical products do a better job in embedding its content on the human brain. We kept the branding we build and fleshed it out on all their products. There is no mistaking their brand for anyone elses.

EPS uses landing pages
to get a leg up on the competition.