Blog Websites

Share your thoughts on current events, hobbies, business or products with a personal blog site. 

About Blog Websites

WordPress, the platform Rosler Art & Design utilizes the most, was orginally created with bloggers in mind. A blog is just written articles on a specific topic shared on your website. You can even invite other bloggers to contribute to your blog to add different perspectives or save time writing posts all by yourself all the time.

Most of us don’t even realize that we are reading a blog anymore. Everything is just an article or a list that is reviewing products. These are all blogs. They make up a huge part of the internet and are important to finding information that we are looking for. Blogs can give insights on personal issues, product purchasing, financial news and current events. 

If you are considering becoming a blogger prepare yourself to write content regularly. Make sure it is factual and is helpful to readers. The better information and content you produce the better you blog will rank. 

The better you blog ranks the more likely you are to gain interest from advertisers and be able to monetize your site.

We will create a website around the theme of your blog so everything meshes together. You don’t want child colors if you are writing about guns and ammo. 

We will also create a static post template. This way every time you publish a blog the layout of the post’s page will be consistent from post to post.



Blogging Website

Create a easy to use blog
$ 1920
  • Blog Post Templates
  • Custom Design
  • Domain and Hosting